Pan Records showcase this weekend

26.01.12 Words by: Charlie Jones

PAN Records have programmed five performances by their label artists at Cafe Oto this weekend.

On Friday, R/S – or Peter Rehberg and Marcus Schmickler – will perform their ‘extreme computer music’ in their debut european show, John Weise’s electroacoustic music will demonstrate the true instrumentality of the mixing desk, and Eli Keszler’s performance installations and intense percussion.

On Saturday, Catherine Christer Hennix will perform for the first time in London. She will be perform an extended duration piece of her spiritual drone in trio formation, extended alongside Werner Durand and Valerio Tricoli.

PAN Records are a Berlin-based record label who release a variety of experimental electronic music, sound art, and noise. More information on Pan Records and the artists playing can be found at the Cafe Oto website.

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