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I met Connie Constance in Ace Hotel’s Hoi Polloi. I had a mocha and she kept it cool with a frappe in a little tumbler. She told me she had recently applied for a job on reception at this hotel but didn’t get it. Probably not a bad thing, as her career is just getting interesting, and I don’t think night shifts and being a singer/songwriter really make the best bed buddies.

Connie had come through a shoot with her friend, her lips painted with bright red lipstick that she wasn't so sure about. She doesn’t usually wear makeup and in her own words, she’s an “organised hippy” (which must be true ‘cos it’s in her Soundcloud blurb). She tells me about sometime ago when she stayed in the house for a week with a handful whilst their parents were away; spending their time listening to music, playing drums in the morning, meditating and eating whenever they wanted to. We both agreed we could easily give the rat race up to live like that all of the time.

Mellow life goals aside, if you haven’t caught wind of her recent track Stars before, then scope it out. A singer, songwriter and ‘organised hippy’; Connie Constance is one of London’s freshest vocal talents and like most singer/songwriters, is full of personality. She’s comfortable and at ease in her surroundings. With a fondness for travel and generally being so laid back she’s lying down, Connie has spent the last few years flitting between casual stints of modelling and a few terms at dance school. She never really thought she would get into music, but was edged on by an interest in writing poetry combined with late night acoustic jams with her dance school friends. “I like writing poems,” Connie tells me. “I wanted to go to university and do English Literature, but life just didn’t go that way.”

Deciding the jack dance school in, she was introduced to Blue Daisy almost instantaneously via her ex-boyfriend. The R&S Records producer started working with Connie pronto, laying down twinkling beats for her spaceless vocals. It’s a chance encounter she is very thankful for, as she was wandering free at the time, with no back-up plan. “If that didn’t happen I don’t know where my life would be right now,” she says. “ I would just be floating between leaving dance school and trying to do music.”

Connie’s process is simple: be natural, and let the words ooze out. “Sometimes I write a poem and make it melodic, because sometimes poems can be really stiff,” explains Connie. “I can take a poem into studio with Blue and he’ll create a beat, and then I can just switch the poem up to flow. Melodies just seem to come into my head and when they do that’s usually a better song. I can naturally just write it.” Not completely glued to electronic music, Connie also been heavily influenced by jazz, and also enjoys writing to J Dilla beats. I ask whether Connie’s a fan of Tom Misch, and she remarks that she used to listen to Follow everyday and is also a fan of Loyle Carner and King Krule, musicians she feels are “part of the same crowd.

After dancing with a friendly monster in her video for Stars and laying down a bulk of shining tracks with Blue Daisy, keep watch on Connie.

Stars, produced by Blue Daisy, is out now (buy / stream).

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