“Hello, Tezeo!”

30.01.12 Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Tezeo make electronic pop music with a bold heart and warm touch. Based in Brooklyn, Michael Beharie and Jeff Cristiani used to be in an industrial metalcore band together but graduated from the dark side to make jams for their friends to dance to. Those friends include fellow Dummy favourites Blondes, Sam Haar of whom chimed in with mixing duties on Tezeo’s new single Friends / Open Window. We’re pleased to announce we’re releasing both digitally on Dummy Records today. Get to know Tezeo below and listen/buy Friends / Open Windows here.


Michael Beharie and Jeff Cristiani


Michael (26), Jeff (29)

Current location?

Tezeo: Brooklyn, sometimes DC and Saint Louis.

Your sound?

Tezeo: Hard to say. We approach each of our tunes in different ways. We always keep an open mind and we listen to a lot of different music. We are definitely trying to make songs with new textures and a lot of heart.

How do you record?

Tezeo: We track everything ourselves. Generally we jam ideas in the studio and then take a couple days to refine the parts. When we’re lucky everything falls into place in a session or two.

Previous experience?

Michael: Playing solo and collaborating a ton. In the past I’ve worked a lot with Thomas Arsenault (Mas Ysa, formerly Ablehearts) and Russ Manning who plays bass in Twin Shadow. I’ve also written music this past year for performance and film. My last project was to score P. Corwin Lamm’s short film “Moonrise II: Key West” which will be coming out via Perfect Wave magazine next month.

Jeff: I make music and DJ as Tryst. Previously, I’ve been in many bands of different vibes playing different instruments but just before this I was the drummer in a death metal band called Goatsucker. Michael & I used to play with Mario Diaz de Leon in an industrial metalcore band called Desert of Colors. We both have a history of making improvised music as well.


César Chávez, Nina Simone

Last release?

Old Light / Royale single on Shinkoyo Records.

Next release?

Friends / Open Windows single on Dummy Records.

Next playing?

Glasslands on the 13th of February with Doe Paoro.

How did you first get into making music?

Michael: As a kid I spent a lot of time playing the guitar and piano. I studied both instruments formally but always felt unsatisfied rehashing other people’s music. For a bit I got really into making drum sets with 5-gallon paint pails. Later on in high school I had a band and made four-track tape recordings.

Jeff: I played in drumline and percussion ensemble. Really though, I was a hardcore kid who was very active in bands. In college I got into jazz, then writing classical music, then I started making beats.

What was it like working with Sam from Blondes?

Tezeo: Great. Sam has an amazing ear and is a sensitive editor. He did one pass by himself and then we finished the tracks in one night.

What’s the most fun you can have in New York?

Tezeo: Lit City parties are stellar. It’s also good to see your friends do their thing.

And finally, what makes a good friend?

Tezeo: Someone who takes the time to listen and will get you stoked.

Dummy Records release Friends / Open Windows on 30th January 2012

Buy Tezeo Friends / Open Window

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