Dummy XO

14.03.12 Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Dummy XO, our official showcase this year at SXSW, kicked off with d’Eon delivering lush R&B sermons over intricate, jungle rhythms. Then the lights went down for Mirror Mirror who stalked the stage with grace, filling the room with their grandiose post-punk. Sleep ∞ Over span spiralling tales of synth love, her cover of Madonna’s Stay demo sounding like the hit it could’ve, should’ve, been. Next were Korallreven who sweetly thanked everyone for waiting during the changeover before launching into a shining example of their star-gazing warmth. Despite frontman Nate having to play sitting down cos of a busted knee, Pure X lived up to their name: pure unadulterated joy that drew the crowd closer and closer. Then Nguzunguzu flipped the vibe to a dance party, playing in the centre of the room with everyone freaking out around them. Our resident DJ for the night CFCF, who’d been holding it down in-between sets, dropped Opus III which made me lose it just very slightly. Thanks to a misplaced table, it was touch and go for a minute whether our headliners Blondes could play but, being the troopers they are, they set up on the floor and then preceded to absolutely kill it. I’ve never seen them play harder or tougher than that. It was next level and then some. Four to the floor indeed.

A huge thank you to all the artists that played, to our comrades Acephale, Hippos In Tanks, RVNG Intl and SXSW and, most of all, to everyone that came down. We’ll be posting live recordings and photos soon but in the meantime here are a couple of phone snaps below.

d’Eon, live at Dummy XO

Mirror Mirror, live at Dummy XO

Blondes, live at Dummy XO

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