The 10 best sax and flute tracks, according to Earth Trax and Newborn Jr

Peckham's leading house music imprint Rhythm Section returns this month with an uplifting release from Polish producer Earth Trax (aka The Phantom and one-half of duo Ptaki) and newcomer Newborn Junior. 

Coming with the tagline "euphoria guaranteed – or your money back", the two-tracker keeps things simple and follows in the vein of its namesake, consisting of two tracks simply entitled Sax Track and Flute Track. Both blissful in equal measures, they focus on MIDI melodies that fall somewhere in the realm of Ron Trent's late-night deep house excursions and contemporary touches of artists like Pender Street Steppers and Jack J. 

To celebrate the making of such a fine-tuned house record, we got the pair to share some of their all-time favourite tracks that put saxophones and flutes at centre-stage. Read through the Polish duo's selections below or listen via our YouTube playlist, and get ready for your body to turn into jelly.

Shinichi AtobeButterfly Effect

Earth Trax: "This is one of my favourite ethereal club tracks, so I'm glad Demdike Stare managed to release some of Atobe's archives recently."

NY House'N Authority APT 3b

Earth Trax: "Ahead of its time. An understated deep house classic."

Mike Dunn Presents The Track Dummies Late Night Sex

Earth Trax: " I bought this one in Tongues, Vienna (which is a half deli, half record store) during one of my first gigs abroad (with thanks to BWO!). Good memories."

Don Carlos Alone (Sax Ambient)

Earth Trax: "A recently reissued gem from the rich Italian house scene of the '90s"

T.P.O. Hiroshi's Dub (Joe Claussell Dance Track Life Version)

Earth Trax: "Jazzy Brooklyn breeze with a 'solid bass' preset."

Golden Girls Kinetic (Morleys Apollo Mix)

Newborn Jr: "Ahhhhh…that awesome flute sample from E-Mu that we also used on Flute Track. It kinda feels good that we made our take on that uber-widely used sample."

Infra-Red When Luv's The Feeling (Hyden Andre Remix)

Newborn Jr: "My top choice when I want to offer some "sax action" in my DJ sets."

Kings Of Tomorrow Fade II Black (Original Mix)

Newborn Jr: "I would really like to have this one on vinyl, but for now, a .wav file sits perfectly in the "TUNNEL TRACKS" folder on my USB stick."

Robo Grigorov Fuyara Beat

Newborn Jr: "By saying "fuyara" in Polish ("fujara"), you can describe someone who is "clumsy" and also, it's equivalent to saying "wiener"."

2000 And One Crystal

Newborn Jr: "I'm very into that '92-'94 period of juicy techno that has loads of breakbeats, atmospheric pads, and quirky sounds. Why did this producer start to make that washed out tech-house?"

Earth Trax and Newborn Jr's 'Sax & Flute' EP is out October 14th, 2016 on Rhythm Section.

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