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The 10 best disco tracks, according to Mark E

Inspired by the hedonistic playground of house music’s beginnings, Mark E is a certified disco-house don. Not to be confused with The Fall’s ranting frontman Mark E Smith – Mark E is originally from Wolverhampton and flies the flag for disco in the Black Country, starting out his career by making a unique blend of mellow edits. Just one listen of his satisfyingly solid edit of Janet Jackson’s RnB Drunkie and you’ll hooked right in by his party-primed sounds, wriggling around a bit before being thrown back in for more. After ticking ‘become a sure-fire master of the edits game’ off his to-do list, Mark E took it up a level and got stuck into original productions, setting up his own label MERC along the way. If you like your dance music cosmic and breath-y, wrap your ears around Call Me, then thank us in the morning.

Ahead of his hometown set at Rainbow alongside Bicep in the intimate 300-capacity venue Blackbox on Saturday October 3rd; Mark shares a 10 best selection of his favourite disco tracks especially for the ‘heads’, including floor-fillers from Change, S.L.Y. and of course, an essential appearance from Larry Levan.

01. Sanctuary I Am Going To Love Him (Instrumental)

Mark E: “Perhaps one of my most treasured vinyl possessions – first heard on the Sonic Sunset Mr. Peebody mix – then became a Jigsaw anthem. Goosebumps.”

02. Wood, Brass & Steel Funkanova

Mark E: “Sublime uplifting funk, they dont make them like this anymore. I remember my friend and I hearing this on a Paradise Garage tape and being blown away by it. After much searching, we finally discovered it nestled away on a Francoise K compilation I already had. Oh, how we laughed. :(”

03. Change Hold Tight

Mark E: “This is a Jigsaw music Birmingham staple. This night forged my love for boogie and disco, their residents certainly knew their music. Big ups Dave, Woody & Rich!”

04. Rochelle Fleming I Know Just What You’re After

Mark E: “Again, the Mr. Peebody SS mix brining this to my attention, ’80s boogie disco action of the highest calibre. It was used recently in some vogue related edit.”

05. S.L.Y. I Need A Freak (Black Freak Mix)

Mark E: “Edging into early house territory with this one, S.L.Y., probably the greatest record ever made in my opinion. The first time I ever got into a night club this was played by John Kelly at Picassos, circa 1992.”

06. The Rolling Stones Miss You (Special Disco Version)

Mark E: “Rolling Stones doing disco, so sleazy, so right!”

07. GQ Lies

Mark E: “Theo Parrish’s Ugly edit brought me here. No words, so emotional.”

08. Norman Connors Once I’ve Been There

Mark E: “Anthemic Disco, used to play this one a lot and I think its time I dug it out again.”

09. Kleeer Keep Your Body Workin’

Mark E: “I love the way that within 10 seconds you’re straight into the track…no long intro…just into it with a bang! A rough and surging peak time banger – love this.”

10. Skyy First Time Around (Larry Levan Remix)

Mark E: “I couldn’t possibly complete this list without something involving Larry Levan. I still play this, it’s always in the bag.”