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The 10 best tracks from the North West of England, according to Melé

Apart from being historically known for industry, pies and shit weather, there's no questioning the North West of England's contribution to modern music and club culture. Maybe its the persistent precipiation that makes us to dash indoors every weekend to perspire away the blues via some unadulterated escapism or something in the water, but every decade has played privy to a musical forerunner from the North West, whether they wore Day-Glo clothing whilst sucking on a pacifier or had mop-top hair and held their guitar too high. 

A more up-to-date mover and shaker, Melé is known for his crowd pleasing sets that effortlessly glide between '90s club classics and hotter than fire exclusives. His production doesn't fall short either, with a back catalogue citing releases on Mixpak, Sinden's label Grizzly and grime hotbed Formula. No messin' about, his recent DJ tool turned mammoth floor-filler Ambience has transformed Melé from 'young gun' bedroom producer to a full blown cannonball.

From insatiable guilty pleasure Pretty Green Eyes to the mysterious MC-ready Cruzin, Melé's ten best tracks from the North West are a surefire representation of the region's fondness for a mad one.

01. Bassheads Is There Anybody Out There

Melé: "Bassheads are actually from Birkenhead on the Wirral, which is where I was born and went to school, so this tune means a lot to me. My uncle got me on to this song amongst hundreds of others when I was really young. It has one of the sickest piano loops ever."

02. K Klass Let Me Show You

Melé: "Ok, so they are actually from Wrexham but that'll do. This is one of those tunes that's had about a million remixes and re-releases, but if you’re walking around Liverpool city centre at night you're always bound to hear it in some form, blasting out of a bar in Concert Square."

03. A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray

Melé: "I think this tune speaks for itself. It came out a few years before I was even on earth but it's had such a massive influence on my musical tastes and the way that I produce. Gerald is a massive hero of mine."

04. Ultrabeat Pretty Green Eyes

Melé: "This was THE tune on Merseyside just as i was getting into secondary school. So many people hate it but i think its fucking amazing. I did a cover of it not so long ago on my Facebook page and all the guys from Ultrabeat were commenting on it saying it was brilliant, which was pretty funny. The trance riff that comes in towards the end is next levs!"

05. Pornkings Up To No Good

Melé: "For some reason my dad was obsessed with this song and still goes on about it to this day. He keeps asking me if i can put it on his phone! Proper distorted 303 vibes. I might start playing this out."

06. Melé Ambience

Melé: "I actually made this track as a DJ tool and its mad to see where it is going at the moment! I find it so much fun to play out and it feels a lot different to what other DJs are playing, but it seems to fit in really well. I'm so happy with the reaction to it."

07. Killer Kombo 1 This Is How We Do It

Melé: "This is pretty awful but it really takes me back to the time I started to get into club music properly. On the Wirral we didn’t really have the Sidewinder tape packs like London but we had Killer Kombo, and Menace Of The Mics. You would see these crews around and about all of the time and we used to listen to their sets so much they became local celebrities to us. Scouse House was and still is a big influence on me."

08. Bang On Got It

Melé: "Bang On is an absolute g! We worked together on some music a few years ago but it never really worked out. I think he’s super underrated and you can see why Big Dada signed him. His debut album is wicked and I would advise everyone to go check it out."

09. ? Cruzin

Melé: "Another secondary school ANTHEM! This was known as Pleasure Rooms – Cruzin because the version that went massive around our way had some MC from the Pleasure Rooms (an infamous former club in Liverpool) chatting on it. I'm still not sure who actually made the original tune but its too sick."

10. Happy Mondays W.F.L (Think About The Future Mix)

Melé: "I've always had such an obsession with Shaun Ryder for some reason and this is definitely my favourite Mondays tune. I love the club mixes that Oakenfold & Andrew Weatherall did for them. If you haven't watched the 24 Hour Party People film with Steve Coogan then do…it is amazing."

Melé's rip-roaring club anthem Ambience is out now on Lobster Boy (buy).

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