Watch: Oneohtrix Point Never - Repossession Sequence

Daniel Lopatin collaborates with Nate Boyce for the latest edition of Channel 4's Random Acts series.

Oneohtrix Point Never has shared Repossession Sequence; a new visual in collaboration with Nate Boyce as part of the ongoing Channel 4 series Random Acts

Following the release of his latest album 'Garden Of Delete', Daniel Lopatin and Boyce's video join fellow Warp Records artists Battles, Hudson Mohawke, and Darkstar in providing a "platform where artists and filmmakers are encouraged to provoke thought and debate."

Featured in the three-minute clip are album tracks Freaky Eyes, Ezra, Mutant Standard, and additional composition by Daniel Lopatin. As you would expect, a vague description has been provided and reads as thus:

“Is this the intro to a TV show about an orbital prison cell chained to freely roaming organism? The sculpture's burden is the prison of another organism it cannot communicate with. In certain cases, the imprisoned organism could become a cipher through which its captor speaks.”

Watch Repossession Sequence above and read our recent feature with Oneohtrix Point Never here.

Oneohtrix Point Never's 'Garden of Delete' is out now through Warp Records (buy).

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