Watch Friendly Fires’ new video, Live Those Days Tonight

A new music video of old rave videos from Friendly Fires' new song Live Those Days Tonight, a song dedicated to things like "dancing" and "going out."

Ed Macfarlane from Friendly Fires claimed that Live Those Days Tonight is a celebration of the clubbing culture. The writing of the song was inspired by his exploration of old rave clips on Youtube.

Here you’re presented a collage of found footage rave clips dated back in the 80s and 90s that make up the video for Live Those Days Tonight. It contains lots of air-fisting, twisted dance moves, glittery and neon-coloured outfits, flashing lazer lights, record-spinning, and, last but not least, gurning.

Festival goers and club ravers, wanna re-experience those reckless, crazy days? Watch the video now.

Watch Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight:

XL Recordings will release Friendly Fires’ ‘Pala’ on 16th May, 2011


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