18+ - Crow

LA duo share a chopped 'n' cropped music video for their awesome first proper single.

North American duo 18+ have been a fixture of the online underground music world for a while now, and have been wowing us since as far back as 2011 with three sublime mixtapes. However, their new, two-track single Crow/Horn is actually their first official release, put out earlier this month by Fabric sublabel Houndstooth. Both tracks originally appeared on 'MIXTAP3' (one of our favourite mixtapes of 2013) but have been given a lick of paint - new mixing and a proper mastering job - for the release, making them sound prime for mainstream infiltration.

We included Crow on our first 22tracks.com playlist, and now that song has been given a black 'n' white, chopped 'n' cropped music video which seems to appropriate old footage, has a mock Youtube pre-roll advert as its first shot, and cuts its audio out early, leaving a weird barrage of images to confront you for a minute or so at the end. Bewildering as that might all read on paper, you can't argue with the music, and the song is as enticing as they come.

Houndstooth released Crow/Horn on August 4th 2014 (buy).

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