TiMOTi - En Otra Ciudad

The Arkestra Discos family bring us TiMOTi, whose sensual Spanish pop adopts a noir sensibility for his first video.

A few weeks ago, Dummy were thrilled to bring you an exclusive mix from Spanish experimental pop label Arkestra Discos, which showcased the talents of BFlecha, Alizzz, Noaipre and TiMOTi, a former rock band drummer who ventured into more electronic realms of music production after freestyling on an MPC to label boss Mweslee. Today the label has dropped TiMOTi’s first music video for the track En Otra Ciudad, which feels very much like the Spanish language answer to the official soundtrack for 2012 cinematic hit ‘Drive’.

Speaking last month, Mweslee was keen to stress the importance of singing in Spanish for the Arkestra labelmates, saying that “Mostly, I hope that our music can help to overcome some people’s prejudices with music made in Spain and sung in Spanish. There was a time when every band in Spain sang in English, and it took a while until people got back to Spanish. I like to think our offering would be like an electronic version of that.

It seems apt then that the latest release is sung in Spanish, and in such a lovely and melancholy way too. The noir thread that is pulled throughout the video resonates with the TiMOTi’s fragile voice, and proves that we don’t need to look far from our own shores here in the UK for a refreshing take on a familiar sound. ¡Felicidades TiMOTi!

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