Premiere: Samuel - Slowtown Downtown

Dark, arty music with a slight theatrical bent from singer and Lewisham resident Samuel.

Singer Samuel has had quite an interesting past. According to the press release for Slowtown Downton, his childhood was spent in various convents and orphanages in Ireland, but he always found a certain solace in music. His musical talents earned him a scholarship at Goldsmiths University, and he currently resides in nearby Lewisham.

The production on Slowtown Downtown comes from Okzharp aka Gerv Gordon, one third of digital travellers LV, and like LV's album 'Routes', there's something very dark and imperceptibly London-ish about the music, audible in the dark atmosphere and the sense of isolation that Samuel creates through arty songwriting and the slight theatrical bent in his vocal.

Technicolour Records will release the 'Falling Star' EP on October 21st.

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