Premiere: Doldrums - She Is The Wave (BRTHR x Emily Kai Block remix)

An overload to the senses as the Grimes-favoured artist has his most recent video deconstructed.

Canadian artist Doldrums sees his new album ‘Lesser Evil’ released this week, and it’s now fully streamable, courtesy of Pitchfork. He’s also had his single She Is The Wave remixed courtesy of BRTHR, and visually deconstructed by the video’s original director Emily Kai Bock (who was responsible for Grimes’ phenomenal Oblivion video). The results are a very pleasant attack on the senses – deconstructing the original’s desert landscape through all manner of trippy, pulsating technical fireworks.

Souterrain Transmissions released ‘Lesser Evil’ on 26th February, and plays London’s Rough Trade East tonight.

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