Premiere: dj flugvél & geimskip - Á Túndrunni

Do the doggy paddle across a sea of neon highways and kaleidoscopic deserts with Icelandic alt-pop act, dj flugvél & geimskip.

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Floating eyeball-esque objects, a fluffy dog trapped in a vortex, Snapchat from a snow-covered field with a flowing spring. Just a quick glimpse into the mind of Icelandic alt-pop act, dj flugvél & geimskip (Airplane & Spaceship for those who don't hail from Iceland), where trippy visuals are gleefully accompanied by 'electronic horror music with a space twist'. Cited as some by the Icelandic answer to Grimes, dj flugvél & geimskip draw influences from J-Pop and lofi internet culture to name just a few. Singing about evil megalomaniac cats, alien experiments, demons hiding in shadows and the weird unchartered world that lurks beneath the surface of the ocean; her output is poetic, lively and explorative - but most of all, it's other-worldly. 

Taken from her forthcoming album ‘Nótt á Hafsbotni' (which translates as 'Night at the Bottom of the Ocean'), Á Túndrunni reminds us a bit of Benedict Drew's Dreamscape Of The Burger King Commuter earlier this year, only the video seems to be doing the doggy paddle across a sea of neon highways and kaleidoscopic deserts. It could also be the canine companion to CRYSTAL's Rendez-Vous, but those cyber kitties better watch out for the IRL floating Samoyed. 

Photographer Linnea Persson also captured some portrait shots of the angelic dj flugvél & geimskip at Iceland Airwaves, which you can check in the gallery above.

'Nótt á Hafsbotni' is set for release on December 4th on Mengi records.

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