‘People Who Do Noise’ - A film about experimental music

An intriguing documentary on the music that lives in the empty spaces of our lives.

Rejecting the structure and constraints of conventional music and highlighting the mass of sounds that are ignored and forgotten, noise is an unsettling and strange yet extremely direct musical style. This 2008 documentary directed by Adam Cornelius takes a close look at the thriving noise scene and some of its biggest artists like Smegma, Oscillating Innards and Daniel Mensch many of whom are based in Portland, Oregon.

Consisting of interviews and stripped-back live performances we learn about the evolving philosophy and practice of noise and a glimpse into an influential but often unnoticed genre of music. The film may not be the easiest to watch, or listen to, but there is definitely something to be admired in the sometimes absurd, always uncompromising approach of the artists.

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