Only Real - Backseat Kissers

This video for the on-the-rise Londoner's upcoming single defies you not to feel pangs of summer nostalgia.

It’s kind of hard to not watch the video for Only Real’s Backseat Kissers without noting the serious seasonal discrepancy going on. Carrying on in a similar vein to his first video for woozy pop number Cinnamon Toast, we see Only Real and his compadres soaking up some summer living: wandering about, chugging from beer bottles and puffing on cigarettes. Staying true to his West London roots, there’s a real Notting Hill Carnival vibe going on, only minus the crushing crowds of thousands of people (which is a beautiful idea if ever I’ve heard one). And who cares if we’re in the midst of frozen December – the visual couldn’t fit much more with Only Real’s cheeky half-raps, rugged falsetto and wonderfully liberated guitar strums.

ASL Records will release the Backseat Kisses single on 28th January, and you can catch his first gig at Birthdays in Dalston, London next Friday 14th December

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