Oneohtrix Point Never - Still Life (Betamale)

The latest video from OPN's 'R Plus Seven' is extremely disturbing and extremely NSFW.

 As the title of Oneohtrix Point Never's newest single alludes to, Still Life (Betamale)'s video (directed by Jon Rafman) explores the darker recesses of the internet and the absolute rot in the heart of the beta males who frequent said recesses. As such, you see voyeuristic videos of niche fetishses like furries, tracking shots of decaying keyboards, the literal darkness of grubby bedroom PC setups to blinding flashes of violent Hentai.

It is, all in all, extremely disturbing, and extremely NSFW.

Update: The video has now been taken dow from Youtube - it didn't take them very long. You can watch it above thanks to Vimeo.

Warp will release 'R Plus Seven' on September 30th 2013.

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