Larry Gus - The Night Patrol (A Man Asleep)

Cool young things descend on a dancefloor and have a whale of a time in Larry Gus' new video.

As the release date of Larry Gus' sample-fest record 'Years Not Living' gets ever closer, Yours Truly have premiered a video for lead single The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep). In it, a bunch of cool young things descend on a village hall-esque venue and have a whale of a time, including an awkard bearded dude who dances almost as badly as myself. Who'd have thought it'd be so much fun to watch other people having fun? Apparently Deerhunter's Bradford Cox makes an appearance - if the rest of the crowd is composed of indie celebs, then we apologise for not being able to recognise them.

DFA will release 'Years Not Living' on August 19th.

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