Kojey Radical - After Winter

The East London artist delivers yet another sprawling visual masterpiece.

Kojey Radical
Kojey Radical remains one of the most unique artists in the U.K. today. The poet and rapper commands your ears with every track and grabs your attention with every video he releases, as he has with new single 'After Winter'. He has now released it's accompanying visual.
In typical Kojey fashion the video, directed by longtime collaborators THE REST, is vivid and scintillating in execution, as we are taken into Kojey's dark, brooding world despite the eternal sunshine of the outside world offering a glimmer of hope. He and his crew assemble to invade a home and take a rich counterpart hostage as he demands "40 acres, a mule, and my respect". It is clear that he is not here to play games.
Watch 'After Winter' below, and look out for Kojey's upcoming new project, 'IN GODS BODY', which is due out in September:





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