Kassem Mosse mixes for 60 minutes in Berlin

German producer brings down stacks of equipment for a riveting live set at the Boiler Room's first Berlin broadcast.

BR Berlin #001 Kassem Mosse (live) from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.

Kassem Mosse is special. His techno is lean and distinctive, varied – in terms of tempo, mood – but always with a charismatic presence about it. There have been some stellar releases on Mikrodisko Recordings, a couple on Workshop, as well as a great 12” on Dial Records imprint Laid. He’s also, as the below clip from the Boiler Room’s first Berlin party shows, a strong force live. Watch him below navigate his way around stacks and stacks of equipment, and be excited about the fact he’ll be playing live in London very soon. See you down in front of the mountain of Rolands.

BR Berlin #001 Kassem Mosse (live) by BOILER ROOM

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