Kanye West launches fashion line in Paris, could design for TopShop, may be in east London right now

'Niggas In Paris' video to premiere in Shoreditch, month before Kanye West's second women's collections debuts in Paris.

Kanye West is having another run at the whole “designing clothes for girls” thing. He eponymous collection will appear at Paris Fashion Week on the 6th March at 9.30pm. Venue TBC. It follows last years ‘mixed reviews-garnering’ show. Earlier this week, Kanye had lunch with Phillip Green, who runs TopShop, according to reports, leading to speculation that Kanye wants to design for TopShop.

Also, for fans of the musical equivalent of Dubai (think about it!), Niggas In Paris, the standout track from Kanye West and Jay Z’s landmark collaboration ‘Watch The Throne’, will be premiered in London, for some reason, at 5 tonight. A flyer, above was distributed to members of the British music media, indicating that something WTT-related would take place at Shoreditch High Street at 5pm. Sources have since confirmed that the video will debut, but are silent about whether or not Kanye will be there.


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