FaltyDL - She Sleeps feat. Ed Macfarlane

The New York producer takes us roller skating on this video for his new single, featuring soaring vocals courtesy of the Friendly Fires man.

FaltyDL’s last video for Straight & Arrow, a cut off his upcoming album ‘Hardcourage’, drew pretty heavily on shots of hands. For She Sleeps, he seems to have switched up body parts, this time mostly focusing on the feet, as we watch some majestic roller skaters let loose in the park. It’s a swirling dream of a track, all hissing hi-hats and flickering, understated instrumentation. Over this, Ed Macfarlane’s vocals soar beautifully, with She Sleeps further hinting at a more organic palette being adopted by the New York producer for his new album.

Ninja Tune will release ‘Hardcourage’ on January 21st, with the She Sleeps feat. Ed Macfarlane Single following on February 11th

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