Dummy TV: Guy’s Girl

Watch a great documentary about how female DJ's are represented in London's male dominated music scene.

Guy's Girl

'Guy's Girl', directed and produced by Leah Rustomjee and Tali Ramsey, is a new documentary that highlights how female DJ’s are represented in London’s predominantly male music scene. Featuring interviews with DJ's A.G., Pussy Palace, Sicaria Sound, Jossy Mitsu, Danielle and FOOZOOL, who all share their unique opinions on being a female in the industry, the filmmakers aim to provide a more personal perspective for what its like for women on the other side of the decks.

Leah and Tali: "As young women ourselves who greatly enjoy music and regularly attend raves in London, we occasionally felt out of place in the testosterone-heavy environment that surrounded us. Our personal experiences, as well as the current debate on misogyny within the music industry, inspired the making behind our documentary. However, we chose to approach this topic in a positive manner, after seeing a lot of coverage on female DJ's that scapegoated their status as women, we instead try to focus on what actually matters – their talent and passion for what they do. The title 'Guy's Girl' is ironic and with the documentary we aim to reinforce the fact that female DJ's are just DJ's and as A.G. says, despite popular belief, "don't mix with their vaginas"."



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