David Bowie - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy)

Eerie dummies, mannequins and Bowie himself in the video for Murphy's clap-heavy mix.

David Bowie's thoroughly serviceable comeback album 'The Next Day' didn't take home a Merury last night, but that hasn't stopped it being given the deluxe treatment. An expanded edition of the album is due out net week featuring all the usual trimmings - a bonus DVD, some studio outtakes, etc. - but the thing that's got most people's knickers in a twist has been James Murphy's remix of Love Is Lost.

Murphy's clap-heavy rework has been given a video, featuring mannequins, dummies, and Bowie himself. It's the first remix Murphy has done since the dissolution of his production outfit The DFA, but he's done a solid job of it.

Columbia will release The Next Day Extra on November 5th.

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