Coming Up: S O H N

Peek into the snowy landscape of the the Vienna-based British artist who makes vocal-led, sumptuously produced pop songs for the soul.

Filmed and edited by: Mollie Mills
Text: Aimee Cliff

Most of the single and EP artwork put out by Vienna-based English artist S O H N so far has had a kind of geographical bent, slipping his brisk and wide-open productions into the context of wintry landscapes and self-contained lands. For this short film, then, it felt like the perfect introduction to capture him in the snow-covered atmosphere of brisk Vienna, where he currently lives and works.

S O H N himself describes his music as being about the spaces between words – with chopped vocals and serene synths, his is a dense and yet emotionally open sound, just begging for you to step inside. When we interviewed him briefly back in September 2012, he talked a little more about the relationship between place and music, saying “Walking alone in -10 degree temperatures below railway arches in Vienna is inspiring, just as a busy night in London alone is inspiring, just as looking out of a window to the Acropolis in Athens is, or going from Brooklyn across the water to Manhattan alone. I guess most of my music is rooted in being alone with my thoughts, come to think of it.”

Find out more about the man behind the music – and why we think he’s a talent to look out for this year – in the film above, and stream some of his thoughtful tunes below.

S O H N – The Wheel

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