Brian Eno - Day of Light

Watch the outcome of the ambient god's interactive audiovisual project.

On Saturday 17th November 2012, ambient guru Brian Eno turned his hand to curating on an interactive audiovisual experience.

In anticipation of the release of album LUX , he invited listeners to upload their own photos experimenting with the play of light during the day. The LP is Eno’s first solo full-length on Warp and sees him expanding on the types of themes and sonic textures of classic albums such as ‘Music For Films’ and ‘Music For Airports’. One of his most ambitious works to date, the release is a 75 minute long composition that was inspired by the play of light through Eno’s studio window.

This video archives four minutes of Eno’s favourites from over 6,000 submissions. Admittedly, it has the aesthetic of those dime-a-dozen Youtube videos designed to relax you, but when you consider the interactive process from the viewers, submitters, Eno and Warp – you fully appreciate the beauty of the work at hand.

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