Azealia Banks debuts new song at Chanel party, now with a full download

You've probably heard of Azealia Banks, but you probably haven't heard this song.

Harlem-born Azealia Banks knows how to keep an audience smiling both in a crowded room and at their desktops, and this new less-than-a-minute-long video proves that she has what it takes to keep this captivation going beyond end-of-2011 polls. Debuting a new song at a Chanel party this weekend with sparkly attire and her playfully aggressive flow, Azealia is obviously preparing to blaze a trail all over again with her upcoming EP 212 .

Breathtakingly fast and frustratingly short, the new track is predicted to be either ‘1991’ or ‘Grand Prix’, both of which have been named as tracks on the new EP, but neither of which have yet been heard. A release date for the EP hasn’t yet been confirmed, but will undoubtedly come before the scheduled September release of Banks’ full-length debut, Broke With Expensive Taste.

Watch the clip to remind yourself why Karl Lagerfield adores her, and to get a taste of things to come.

Update: Fuck Up The Fun, the song above, appeared on Azealia’s Twitter last night. It’s produced by Diplo, who, ironically, was apparently the chap who introduced Azealia to XL, the label who dropped her, some would say unwisely. Download it here!

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