UNSOUND festival’s photography ban leads artists to paint the performances instead

Without cameras and smartphones, we have these amazing, vivid paintings.


As was recently reported, Polish experimental music festival UNSOUND placed a ban on photography and filming of their performances, the aim being to "encourage our audience to focus on being in the moment, and not distract others out of that moment," according to Unsound's artistic director Mat Schulz. The ban was not policed, but audience-encouraged – if a member of the crowd saw another filming, they were asked to politely ask them to stop.

The outcome of this ban was actually far more interesting and inspiring than a simple slowing down. UNSOUND have been uploading images of performances sketched and painted by artists at the festival over the weekend, providing a vivid and enticing illustration of the performer's sets, more than a grainy video or Instagram snap of a guy stood behind a laptop could ever do.

Above is a "photo" of Laurel Halo's set by Magda Migas. Head to the UNSOUND Facebook photostream to see more.


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