You can download Kelela’s mixtape now and we suggest that you do

Sink your teeth into the debut mixtape from the excellent singer.


Excellent Fade to Mind singer Kelela recently announced that her debut mixtape, 'CUT 4 ME', would be available to download on October 1st, and given that today is October 1st, you can download that mixtape. Because we're generous, we're going to offer you three different options to hear it:

  • The first is to head to the Fade to Mind website to download it for free – all you need to do is subscribe to their mailing list.
  • The second is to listen to it on Spotify, should you have a perverse desite to listen to the mixtape with ad breaks.
  • The final option, for those generous souls who feel like giving back to the artists involved, is to buy it on iTunes.

Whatever your chosen format is, we recommend that you sink your teeth into it. For those that want to know what the deal is, here's the stream below, with production credits:

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