Blondes remix Rihanna

Grab the Brooklyn trance band's excellent version of Rude Boy on Merok's digital sampler.

One of our favourite labels, Merok, have got a tumblr [on top of their blogger’s blog Don’t Die Wondering], and they’ve released a five track sampler from their new tumblr to show off. To be perfectly frank, every track is pretty outstanding, but the most “crikey” of the lot is Blondes’ rework of Rihanna’s Rude Boy, available for download above.

‘Autumn Feelings’ tracklisting
1. Gatekeeper Serpent
2. Active Child Wilderness (Houses Remix)
3. Teengirl Fantasy Cheaters
4. Comanechi vs Divorce DV69 (excerpt)
5. Rhianna Rude Boy (Blondes remix feat. Mariah Carey)

Download the sampler from right away


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