Cooly G – ‘Playin’ Me’ (album stream)

The south London producer soundtracks the close and cloistered summer on new album.

The dub blush Cooly G first revealed on the brilliant Hyperdub single Love Dub in 2009 reaches a peak in her debut LP ‘Playin’ Me’, also released on the label.

The album’s distinct sonics are shaped by vivid strings and synths whilst the perspiring percussion stretches from drizzles to droplets to crashing outpours. Tracking a love affair in the city sometime in the wistful past – Cooly G’s own vocals are often pushed right to the front here and the album’s lush pop tones are some of the most poised and pointed you’re likely to hear.

‘Playin’ Me’ will be released through Hyperdub on the 17th of July.

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