Premiere: MJ Cole - Alcatraz

MJ Cole raises the roof.

It's the sound of clocking off on Friday after a five day slog and knowing the next stop

Landing on Redlight's Lobster Boy for the label's seventeenth release is Alcatraz - a batshit crazy, bass-fuelled party beat from non other than MJ Cole. A timeless producer, MJ Cole has mastered and married together an array of genres - finding his feet initially as a staple of UK garage with original productions like Sincere and continuing to remix tracks for the likes of Mariah Carey, De La Soul and more - he's just as much at home catering for the contemporary club setting as laying down pioneering cuts.

Alcatraz is a testament to this sentiment: it's the sound of clocking off on Friday after a five day slog and knowing the next stop Like it's high-security penitentiary namesake, there's no escaping the infectious energy this track brings.

Listen above, and get set for the weekend.

Alcatraz is out February 12th on Lobster Boy (pre-order).

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