Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Elements of Light [LP stream]

Listen to the German producer's latest collaborative venture in its entirety.

Clearly recently enjoying the creative company of others, Pantha Du Prince, crafter of some of the most memorable minimal techno of the late-noughties, will release another LP-length joint project next week. ‘Elements of Light’ follows up on the Krautrock manoeuvres of his collaboration with Stephen Arby for 2012’s ‘Ursprung’. This project – originally birthed back in 2011 as a live venture – sees him work alongside Norwegian percussion ensemble The Bell Laboratory.

First impressions are good: the weaving layers of The Bell Laboratory’s chimes instantly click with the German’s majestic production. When Pantha makes his presence emphatic – no one moulds a muted bass kick quite like he does – there’s an enticing sense of tension and release between the musicians: sometimes enmeshing, at others uniting for bursts of blissful lightness and uplifting warmth.

NPR – consistently a source worth watching for tantalising album previews – have got a continuous stream ‘Elements of Light’. Here’s the tracklist below:

1. Wave
2. Particle
3. Photon
4. Spectral Split
5. Quantum

Rough Trade will release ‘Elements of Light’ on the 14th January

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