Little Boots - Motorway

Victoria Hesketh shares a free download of her new single, to coincide with details for new album 'Nocturnes'.

Little Boots, who Dummy made a film about a few years back, today announced plans for her returning album ‘Nocturnes’, and shared a new single, Motorway. Old formulas make for lively new ground, with Motorway focusing on two lovers leaving it all behind and heading off for pastures new. And while the kind of image it conjures – whizzing down the M1 or cruising up the M6 – doesn’t quite have the age-old romanticism of hopping on that train going anywhere, or jetting off to LA, it still makes for a sturdy slice of escapist pop. You can stream it below, or if you’d fancy an mp3 head to her website for a free download.

On Repeat will release ‘Nocturnes’ on the 5th May 2013.

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