IUEKE – Tapes EP

One night in the winter of 1990/1, a French man made 2012's weirdest techno music in a London reggae studio. You can, and should, hear the acid-drenched results inside.

New French label Antinote are kicking off with a fairly outstanding techno release, IUEKE’s Tape EP. Gwen Jamois, the man behind IUEKE, has since moved into even more experimental zones, as well as running the record shop IUEKE.com, but during the height of the rave era, he made acid house.

One evening, he went into a a cold reggae studio in London and recorded Tape. And it’s one of the most mind-bending, outstanding pieces of house/techno music I’ve heard in a while. Seemingly designed to appeal to fans of Hieroglyphic Being, Heatsick and Aphex Twin, who played this very record last year, this is an incredible artefact of a forgotten moment, and a great start to a promising label.

ATN001 // IUEKE “tapes” by Antinote-recordings

Antinote will release IUEKE’s EP ‘Tapes’ in February

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