Black Jeans - Lover

Black Jeans - Lover

The San Francisco producer voices the lingering haunts of heartache on the first single from his forthcoming debut.

Russell Butler, who records under the name Black Jeans, first perked up Dummy’s ears at SXSW last March, with a sound delivering murky memories from a bleak futuristic landscape. Butler has been busy prepping his debut ‘Black Tourmaline’ since then, with the beguiling Lover serving as its lead track.

Crafted around misty analogue treads, Butler’s voice plaintively calls to a lost romance, alone in the shadows to “make the shape of you”. It’s the smatterings of half-defined hopefulness in its shadows that give it real weight, and if ‘Black Tourmaline’ carries similar dark intrigue throughout, then Butler may be on to a winner.

AMDISCS will release ‘Black Tourmaline’ on the 22nd February

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