Alba - The Shift

Find a chaise longue and kick back to the sounds of Sydney duo, Alba.

Listen to Alba, the second release of 2015 from Sydney duo Alba.

Alba are Thomas McAlister and Sam Weston, a production duo from Sydney, Australia. Their sound is a soothing take on house music, the sort of stuff you can really kick back to.

After almost a year away from music, Alba's single Operator dropped in October, followed closely by The Shift. The track is led by a melancholy vocal sample, deep keys and jazz-licked samples and yes, there may sometimes a stigma attached to the idea of 'lounge' music, but the second single from the pair is the kind of music we wanna listen to whilst we lounge, probably atop a high-end chaise longue with a glass of punch.

The Shift is due for release on November 5th (buy).

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