Dummy Mix 477 // Poté

St Lucian born, London based artist Poté delivers a punchy, house-laden Dummy Mix ahead of his bold new EP 'Fire For Fire'

Poté delivers the latest Dummy mix in a rampant, yet flippant style. Dancing between the bubbling Ossie edit of Fela Kuti to the more steely techno of Daniel Avery in a matter of songs, the mix highlights Poté's breadth of influence behind his usual melodic, vocal-led house grooves.
The St Lucian born artist has recently collaborated with Kojey Radical for outstanding track 'Fire for Fire', and received a feature of new track 'Egosurf (For all it's worth)' worldwide premiere on DJ Target's BBC Radio 1Xtra show. Poté is on a similar ascendancy scale to Kojey, and we're tipping him to have a breakthrough 2017. 


Viní x Sants - Ratatá 

Coni - The Opposite 

Poté - For the Cause

Feel Kuti - Shakara (Ossie Bump edit)

Milus - Cowbell Trak

Poté - Katz

Daniel Avery - Need Electric 

Nakedboys - Anger Management 

DJ Lag - Uhuru-bang

Poté - Trial 

Na - Na (Sente flip)

Flaurese - Yearn For 

Poté - Jacquot (Waters of Praslin) 

Hannes Rasmus  - Die Idee Ist Gut Do



Poté's new track, ‘Egosurf’ is out on Friday (Jan 20) via The Full Hundred. 

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