Watch: Danny L Harle - Broken Flowers

The PC Music man's video is all about escaping the monotony of work.

Danny L Harle has shared a video for Broken Flowers.

Directed by ABCDCD, the video for the title-track of his recent EP is debuted as the PC Music man's first promotional clip and features a cameo from the man himself. The narrative follows a young woman's day at work and depicts the monotony of her days in a factory as she wishes the clock to turn quicker. Giving credence to the line "I thought that I was free", stick around for the ending to watch her break free from the gaze of the camera.

Watch the video for Broken Flowers above and revisit our interview with Danny L Harle from 2015 here.

Danny L Harle's 'Broken Flowers' EP is out now through PC Music/Columbia Records (buy).

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