Premiere: Semi Precious transcends music and fashion in new video for ‘Vacancy’

The London producer and vocalist shares an introspective and confessional new single

Semi Precious

London-based producer and vocalist Semi Precious is a captivating entity. Frequently collaborating with designers and visual artists, his strong sense for visual identity has shaped him to be somewhat of an aesthetician and curator. With an art school background and a number of releases under his belt, including an EP in collaboration with electronic music pioneer Matthew Herbert, the squareglass co-founder returns in full force with a lustrous new single and video for ‘Vacancy’.

Resulting from two-years of creative experimentation and exploration, the multi-talented artist now delves into a more elaborate form of synth-based pop whilst maintaining his signature sound and unconventionally ethereal outlook on sampling and songwriting. Hinting at elements of nineties pop and dance music, Semi Precious’ latest offering is an atypical anthem that builds a minimalist yet striking sound-world while his subtle vocals serve as a vehicle for open-hearted reflections. This exciting new venture introduces an exciting shift in the artist’s sound.


"Vacancy kind of grew out of this double introspective journey. I had written the track whilst experiencing somewhat of a personal-professional identity crisis. I got caught up in overthinking things I’ve achieved and haven’t achieved, comparing myself to other people and where they are professionally. Some of these themes kind of crept into the music on a more subconscious level. At the same time I was also rethinking the way I make music and experimenting with new sounds and more pop-y compositional approaches."


Accompanied by stunning visuals co-directed by fashion director Lies Scheps and Semi Precious himself, this sees the artist revealing his often-obscure persona and taking centre stage with this beautifully sterile and tastefully detailed audiovisual piece. With original costumes designed by Sophie Daniel (The Horrors’ collaborator), this music video is the outcome of several artists from an array disciplines creating a piece that transcends music and fashion. He told Dummy: "The costumes that Sophie designed from scratch in response to the music were quite a pivotal element in developing the overall aesthetics, exploring things like forms, textures and architectural elements (...) I think that the three of us share a sense of fascination with things that are somewhat sterile, alienated and futuristic." 


Watch ‘Vacancy’ exclusively below.


‘Vacancy’ will be released on November 30th via London-based label squareglass

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