Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer

Hype Williams have made OPN a video. It's even weirder than you'd think.

Visualising just a minute and 16 short seconds of Oneohtrix Point Never’s looping, anxious Sleep Dealer from his new album ‘Replica’ is this grimly odd video offering from Hype Williams’ Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt. Grinning manically from underneath a black and white baseball cap, Copeland pours a glass of Coke and another of Pepsi in slow motion: the ultimate taste test. A moment later, the Vitamin Water logo flashes up on screen. It’s the kind of faintly disturbing, artifice-as-art cultural commentary we’ve come to expect from HW, and somehow it works perfectly with 0PN’s sad, sad loops.

Software release Oneohtrix Point Never ‘Replica’ on 7th November 2011

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