Obongjayar - Endless

Nigeria-born Obongjayar imagines life after death in his new visual.


Obongjayar is a fresh face with a lot to say in this thing we call life. The Nigeria-born, London-based artist combines potent social and political commentary with hard-hitting sonics that take inspiration from his country of origin. He wants his music to stand for something, and it is engaging and captivating in equal measure. Last year's 'Home' EP was a primary trek into his psyche and his latest video, 'Endless' marks a second stage in the 24-year-old's quest for meaning. 

Directed by Matilda Finn, the video shows the most intense funeral procession you will ever see, as Obongjayar attempts to find peace in the afterlife amidst the chaos of his time on Earth. Dark yet ultimately endearing, it is a triumph of the young artist's craft.

Watch 'Endless' below:


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