Mount Kimbie - You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule)

This monochrome short film captures the wildness and beauty of the duo's stand-out track.

Mount Kimbie: You Took Your Time on

Mount Kimbie have just premiered the video for their King Krule-featuring slow burner You Took Your Time via NOWNESS. A shivery stand-out moment on the album, the track sets Archy Marshall’s gravelly, anguished bellows starkly against the duo’s warm and dense instrumentation; similarly, director Marcus Söderlund draws jarring comparisons between grey suburbia and bursts of unpredictable nature in his beautiful monochrome short film. Kai Campos’s words ring true as he tells NOWNESS that he likes the video because it steers clear of giving a “moral to the story” or even any “easy conclusions”. That might be so, but it’s still a poignant and engrossing watch.

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