John Wizards - Lukasa By Night

Actually adorable illustration-led video for the South African band's vibey recent single.

Vibrant, genre-bending South African band John Wizards has a new video out for their smile-inducing single Lukasa by Night and it's quite the match for the song's bright, vivacious vibe. An enthusiastic exercise in inclusivity, the track features reverby vocals, 80s Space Invaders accents and a sprinkling of rumba-esque percussion, all set to heavy dub reggae bass lines and whirling, alien-sounding synths. The video, created by album cover illustrator Sebastian Borckenhagen, is just as jive-y, filled with adorable singing shapes and gorgeous, African-inspired geometric prints that glitch to the song's upbeat rhythm. Sway along to the song and it's sunny visual accompaniment above.

Planet Mu will release John Wizards' self-titled debut album on 2nd September 2013.

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