Gobby - Slick Boi Gel

The weirdest member of the UNO clan shares a warped teaser from his forthcoming album.

UNO are a family of oddballs and outcasts at the best of times, but Gobby must be the weirdest member of their clan. His new album ‘Fashion Lady’ is out later this month, and they’ve shared a video for teaser track Sick Boi Gel. Sick Boi Gel sounds like five songs playing at once – the arpeggiations that form the song’s backbone have the midnight atmosphere of a John Carpenter soundtrack, the clips that jutter on top come from a Mr. Oizo school of thought, quasi-rave sirens litter the track and basslines drone along. All of its constituent elements are as techno as it comes, but it feels like a living, breathing mass than a bunch of computer sounds thrown together.

UNO will release ‘Fashion Lady’ on April 16th.

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