FEMME - Fever Boy

This video from the Ultraísta singer's moreish side project features Rocky, one of the cutest pooches you're likely to see for a while.

Here's the latest video from FEMME, Ultraísta frontwoman Laura Bettison's side project that simply but effectively pairs buoyant electronics with sunkissed '60s melody. 

Following her ace Educated/Double Trouble release on TAPE, Fever Boy is another moreish pop piece, with flashes of Le Tigre in its early bravado, before floating into the breeziest of West Coast hooks, with xylophones, handclaps, and swooning backing vocals to boot. But all that is almost (but not quite) overshadowed by Rocky the dog, who is seen here recieving a sponge bath from Laura and friends, and is just a bit on the cute side. 

TAPE will release 'Fever Boy/Heartbeat' on the 25th November 2013. 

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