COMA - Hoooooray

Hear a wonderful piece of synth pop music, influenced by Kompakt and released on Kompakt.

Cologne musicians COMA are part of the new generation of musicians influenced by local electronic institution Kompakt, bringing touches of the powerhouse label’s sound to their music and doing their own take on it. In turn, COMA are releasing their music through Kompakt, which will then feed back into the next generation, who will be meta-influenced by Kompakt. That might be quite hard to understand, but it all makes perfect sense…we think.

More to the point, COMA’s new track, Hoooooray, is a treat: an insanely catchy synth riff loops around with some soft, repetitious vocals over the top, but don’t let this (deceptive) simplicity mislead you – Hoooooray is a totally polished and considered piece of pop music. The track features the talents of pals Ada and Roosevelt, and can be downloaded for free – which is beyond kind of them.

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