A Dummy Film: Jessie Ware and Dave Okumu on the making of ‘Devotion’

The soul-stirring singer and The Invisible producer tell us about the mutual inspiration behind the making of Jessie's debut album.

Filming and editing: Mikael Gregorsky
Interview: Charlie Robin Jones

The South London pop star with the stunning voice, Jessie Ware released her debut album ‘Devotion’ back in August. Easily one of the best records out this year, as you may have heard us say before, ‘Devotion’ is bold yet delicate and has a sincere way of moving the listener. Dummy met up with Jessie Ware and Dave Okumu of The Invisible, who produced the record, at the end of the summer at Dave’s beautiful, memento-filled home to get a snapshot of the tenderness and intuition that went into the making of the album.

Island released Jessie Ware’s ‘Devotion’ on 20th August 2012

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