The 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks, according to Daniel Avery


The 10 Best’ is our brand new podcast series  and, following the first episode with Arlo Parks, we sat down with Daniel Avery to talk his all-time favourite video game soundtracks.

The UK DJ and producer is behind some of electronic music’s most unique and inspiring cuts, and released an album over lockdown: ‘Love + Light’. More recently, he shared a musical tribute to Andrew Weatherall, who championed him from early on.

Avery grew up in the ’90s obsessed with gaming, and various strands of their sonics have found their way into the music he makes today.

From side-scrolling beat ’em ups to psychological thrillers, these are the OSTs that made a big impression on the DJ/producer.

Listen to the episode via the Spotify player below, where you can hear Daniel Avery talking through his picks alongside the music he’s chosen.


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