zzzahara, url, Realo and more front our BRAND NEW Tracks of the Week



Incorporating talent from across the globe, check out our five Tracks of the Week taken from our meticulously-curated BRAND NEW playlist showcasing some of the most exciting up-and-coming talents around.

1. zzzahara – ‘they don’t know’

An infectious indie rock number overflowing with emotion and frantic energy, zzzahara’s ‘they don’t know’ is a clear statement of intent from a solo artist coming into their own. Known for their contributions to Eyedress and Simps, Zahara Jaime is eagerly exploring new territory as they delve deeper into themes of sexuality and identity.

2. url – ‘shouldn’t have dropped again’

Orlando singer-songwriter url’s recent EP ‘ruiners club’ is a gold mine for dance-charged indie anthems about love, heart-break and everything in-between. Keeping you moving until the very end with the project’s closing track, ‘shouldn’t have dropped again’ is one of the artist’s most captivating offerings.

3. Realo x whatever 51 x April x thirdeye – ‘GO’

Realo’s work rate so far this year has been off the charts but the underground French artist has raised his game once more with his recent tune. Teaming up with fellow creatives whatever 51, April and thirdeye, his new single ‘GO’ continues to explore his inimitable brand of experimental, future-facing rap music.

4. Nares – ‘Boulevards’

Nares is a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer from Niagara, Ontario. Experimenting with elements of hyperpop, dream pop, electronic, hardcore and more, her new single ‘Boulevards’ comes from a place of vulnerability and explores her isolated state of mind.

5. Diskpart – ‘The Dream’

When you think of pensive and moody post-punk bands, Bournemouth isn’t likely to be the first place that springs to mind – but that’s exactly where alt-music project Diskpart is operating from. Aside from wishing to remain anonymous, the mystery and allure surrounding this new group can also be heard coursing the veins of their latest single ‘The Dream’.

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